Monday, June 27, 2011

Project Reports

Book Donation (June 8th, 2011): We were successfully able to donate over 200 hundred books to Maatri Shishu Vidhyalaya in Jawalakhel. We collected the books during our spring semester and all of them came as donation from our staff, faculty, students and community members. We are hoping that this will encourage the students to read more books and develop the creative side of their mind.

“Making Lives Better has really helped to make the lives better of the children in our school. These books will definitely help the children to increase their vocabulary which will go a long way in each and every student’s life” – Sangita Bhandari, Principal, Maatri Shishu Vidhyalaya

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Clothing and Toy Drive (June 15th, 2011): With the help of Rupy’s International School, Making Lives Better was able to collect a truck full of clothes and toys to distribute among the unprivileged people in the Far Western part of Nepal. It felt very good to know that the students had already developed the feeling of giving at such young ages. And to add to it, when the students of 4th grade saw us loading the truck, all of them came to help us and carried bags that were bigger than them in size!

“It is a great pleasure to be a part of something like this. We are always looking for opportunities to get our students involved in social work. Thank you very much for giving our children a chance to help the people of their nation and thank you to all the members of Making Lives Better for bringing a change in the lives of the citizens of Nepal.” – Rupy Singh, Founder, Rupy’s International School

Aashirwad (June 24th,2011): The word “aashirwad” means blessings in Nepali. We blessed over 250 students of Kamdhenu School with back packs and school supplies. We received financial support from Machhapuchchre Bank Limited, Investment Bank Limited and Siddhartha Bank Limited. Another huge support was received from Maatri Shishu Vidhyalaya as they sent their students as volunteers to help us with the project.  We hope that this project has encouraged the children to work harder towards getting good grades and taken some burden off from their parents. Also we hope that this will develop the feeling of giving back to the society.

“There are lots of people in this school who are like me. My mom expired 2 years ago and my father is not in very good health. Me and my sister work in the fields to earn money for our education and for the education on two of my other siblings. Support like this can really help us concentrate more on our studies and encourage us to attend school every day” – Archana KC, Student, Kamdhenu School 

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